Safa Safe Space 

Class- Human Factors   Roll- Researcher and Designer


One in five college students struggles from anxiety and depression. The classroom easily becomes one of the leading triggers, it’s a competitive environment packed full of pressure. Anxiety can turn simple tasks into impossible barriers. Introductions, presentations, group work, and projects can all trigger different student’s mental health issues. There is no one solution for this ongoing issue of anxiety in the college classroom, but it’s a problem worth solving, so we see higher grades and more successful futures for these students. 

Create a product that helps calm anxiety in a classroom by getting a student out and away from a stressful and triggering environment and into a comfortable space. This product will include different solutions to anxiety, by naturally stimulating the user's senses to bring them out of their heads and back into the current situation. Every aspect will be tailored to the needs and preferences of the student. One of the extra goals for this project will be to bring the conversation of anxiety and depression into colleges and make them more aware of this situation and how to better handle it.

Product Vision

The Human Part of it all 

I wanted this space to be a place where everyone could go regardless of the type of anxiety they struggled with. I spent hours with three students separately, where we discussed their experiences and preferences. 

Client 1 

General Anxiety 

Client 2

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

Client 3

Social Anxiety 

All three clients said that during times of anxiousness they wanted to be outside. Two out of three of them played music and always reach for their guitar if they could, if not they would turn to music they found comforting. When doing research outside of interviews I found that both light and scents have been proven to have an impact on mood and emotions. 


The Final Product 


Light is said to improve mood and energy. To make the experience customizable I installed Bluetooth LED lights that the user can connect to and choose whatever color they find the most soothing.  


Each client said they enjoyed being in nature when times of anxiety surface. To bring the outside in I put Afroturf on the floor to mimic grass from a serene park. 


Essential oils are used in a variety of different ways. I made four pillows each with a different scent, lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and orange. The user can choose whatever scent caters to their preference to find calm and better energy.


A Bluetooth speaker sits in the corner for the user to connect to. Everyone has a different type of music they find comfort in this allows for more freedom.


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