05_Let's Taco 'Bout It_Look Book.jpg

Duration: 10 Weeks 


Britt Reyes 

Colleen Miller 

Leo Caballero 

Jasmine Attanasio


As young adults leave the house for the first time and embark on a new kind of journey they struggle to prepare and follow through with conversations that might be hard to have. People need opportunities to develop the skills necessary to have difficult conversations through a more positive mindset and understanding how to navigate difficult topics.  

Topic Cards

Topic Cards

Insights from interviews with professionals and surveys showed us that there are five topics that people tend to avoid, politics, religion, finances, sexuality and sex, and personal conflicts. So we split those topics into mild, medium, and hot to allow for more control over the heat of the conversations. 

Starter Cards

These cards are statement starters, some times it's hard to express thoughts and feelings. These cards help lead the conversations while also challenging the players to ask questions, and listen to different perspectives. 


"This was a really good setting. My friends can get very defensive so the game acts as a good mediator."

   -Focus Group Participant 1

"I've never said some of this stuff out loud."

   -Focus Group Participant 2

"It gets people talking. Really beneficial for personal growth."

   -Focus Group Participant 3

Chill Churro Cards 

After our first prototype, we realized that conversations can get away from you sometimes. So whenever a player feels uncomfortable they can throw down a Chill Churro that will replace the conversation with a light-hearted topic or a funny question.

Rule Book 

Before jumping into a hard to have a conversation the Rule Book prompts the players to use an ice breaker and to ask for any boundaries. This ensures that all the players are on the same page in terms of their mood and thoughts.


I know you might now want people jalapeno business but it's time to talk about your fillings with confidence!