Hidden Talents 

Service Design Network Logo 

I participated in a logo contest in SCAD's Service Design Network. My thought with this logo was highlighting the new title Service Design has gained as a STEM career, and with that comes thousands of women who are now considered Women of STEM. This industry focuses on untangling complex systems, which is where the system in the back comes from, not only do we thrive while swimming through systems we are also a big system, living in an even bigger system we call the planet. 

Makeup & Hair Artist 

Before finding my place in the design industry my passion fell in fashion and the makeup industry. To this day I still love being apart of the fashion and photography student's projects. Doing makeup and hair is another creative outlet that I am still blessed to be able to use. 

Lisa Says Gah Bodega

October 5th

Set Production
Nick Thomsen, a photographer at SCAD asked me to help him design and build a set for his final. I helped build a wall that could move around and be used as a backdrop or corner. 
What Makes a Man

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