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Duration: 10 Weeks 


Alessio Rapaglia 

Dillon Zhang 

Olivia Gamadanis


As designers, we often create a narrative for whatever product we have designed, however, we should be challenged to create the narrative and nest the idea, the product within that narrative. By utilizing the three overarching perspectives of service design we can create narratives that lead us to solutions and products that are supported by co-creation, communication, and innovation.

State A 

Understanding Stakeholders Context.


You're given three words, ECO, NO, and MIC. What's your next step? We took these three words and asked a bunch of people to tell us the three words that popped into their heads when they saw these three words. We then took the most frequent answer and the outliers and created a narrative. In the path of critical thinking, this is where the prototyping happens and experiments begin.

State B

Understanding Innovation Dynamics 


To design something that is based on a narrative you must have a deep understanding of the topic. Our team set off on weeks of interviews, prototyping, research, and conversation. After collecting the data and breaking down the information we came across the narrative you see on the left. Which these three words led us to. 

The Bridge  

Understanding Institutional Transitions.


The narrative led us to design an app, a tool, to discover community involvement and volunteer opportunities along with events and activities. The narrative from above is the nest while this product in the egg. 

SERV312 finalpresentation_1.1 (1)_Page_1