Copasetic Plant Vessel 

Class- Product Form   Roll- Designer

The Brief 

Create a mood board and design a vessel for a plant to rest in. While researching and exploring the world of aesthetics I was in an art history class where I was reminded of the colorful and creative world of the Bauhaus movement. I found it interesting that nearly 50 years after the movement the 70s took an interest in the shapes, color, and overall modern aesthetic. Using these two monumental points in design history I designed a plant vessel but not without a few hiccups


The next step was to take our mood board and create 50 sketches. Not one of those sketches was the final direction. The final design came after I spent hours playing with colors and shapes to create a pattern. This pattern took 50 sketches and turned them into this one idea.

The Process 

The final product was made out of pink foam, painted in brushable epoxy. The foam was spun on a lathe to achieve the ellipse. I had to adjust the tools I was using and the glue that held three pieces of foam together.  This process was done three times before getting the perfect shape. 

The Final Product

After four weeks of turning foam, sanding epoxy, and spray painting, over and over again, the final product came out. The orange ellipse hung from a rope connected by a cherry wood frame. The wood highlighted the mid-century look from the '70s while the color brought the uniqueness of the Bauhaus Movement. 


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