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Duration: 10 Weeks 

Individual Project


Oki Sato has just hired you as a junior designer for Nendo. On your first day at work, you are handed a design brief, you will be lead designer for a new project for MUUTO. The project scope is extremely broad, MUUTO is interested to see what direction Nendo will propose, what product category? Now, what do you do?

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Around the 1840’s a badass woman, Marie Fanny Amelne Massot designed and patented a cool new way of making coffee which, I believe, fosters the values that Nendo stands for. Using some really fun science Marie Fanny Amelne Massot created a “!” moment. Making coffee become apart of the room, and apart of our days as a moment of creativity, community, craftsmanship, peace, and beginnings. 

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Personal Goal  

 My goal was to create something imperfect, something that doesn't look quite right but creates a perfect cup of coffee, a perfect moment in time. Nendo encourages designers to create for that one moment in someone's life, it's supposed to stand out among other products. Muuto takes a route with sharper edges and a more nordic design language. Fellow is a leading company in the at-home brewing industry and always strives to make coffee more exciting, a better, more personal experience, and interact with beautiful design. 

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Allow yourself to see the "!" moments