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Opportunities for Improvement 

The barista process is a cycle creating neutrality and little room for growth. Creating goals each day for the employees creates new challenges in hopes to grow engagement. This could mean promoting a different drink each day or encouraging interaction between customers and employees. Experimenting with new drinks, syrups, and pastries.

The space in The Coffee Fox is small and it minimizes customer/service interaction. To better organize the space to not only allow for more traffic but to create a better environment for everyone.

Opportunities for Improvement 

Is there a way to create a more exciting atmosphere at The Coffee Fox? Different activities to include the customers - tourists, or regulars, could open up an opportunity for customer engagement; through events and simple questions.

As part of reorganizing the space, the issue of tourists and regulars butting heads can be further improved by the interior design, which includes managing the acoustics of the cafe. This will cater to the main groups of target-customers that come to The Coffee Fox, and will hopefully further increase the satisfaction and improve the experience from both parties.

"As-Is" Blueprint 


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